We are a specialty coffee roaster. We love coffee and are fascinated by how much there is to learn, taste and discover. We have a roastery in Mount Hawthorn, Western Australia delivering fresh coffee daily.

We roast a signature seasonal blend (Coogee St Espresso Blend) and a weekly line up of micro-lot single origins that showcase specific farm lots, coffee tree varieties or processing methods. Our quality control doesn’t end with your coffee delivery, we are big on service and barista training to help you get the best out of our beans.


Sourcing High Quality Coffee

Our quality begins by sourcing unique specialty grade coffees that can be traced back to farm lots, tree varietals and processing methods. So our team are regularly cupping (tasting) and sampling new coffees during harvest time to select coffees we are interested and deem suitable. The majority of our coffees are fairly traded and practice sustainable farming hence we are happy to pay a premium.


Coffee Roasting Expertise

To extract the best from your beans requires understanding the effect of roast times and temperatures, density and moisture, pressure and airflow. These too can vary based on processing method used and from season to season. To ensure consistency in our blends, we regularly cup our coffees and taste our espresso blends. This helps us continually tweak our blends and guide our green bean purchases.


Barista Training & Tailoring Your Beans

To make excellent coffee, you need not only specialty coffee but skilled baristas. Our complimentary training is all part of the service. We train your staff on the initial stages of set-up and ongoing superior barista skills, ensuring every cup of coffee served is perfect and keeps your customers coming back.

Roasting daily and offering signature blends and a variety of speciality coffee options, as a wholesale family member, you have the choice to be able to appeal to your own discerning customers. As part of tailoring our beans to you, we offer tasting sessions for you to select the right flavour profile for your clientele. We want to do business with like-minded passionate entrepreneurs so give us a call today and let’s chat through your bean needs.


Service & Equipment

In our experience growing your coffee kilograms requires investing in the best espresso equipment available.


La Marzocco

We recommend La Marzocco coffee machines. We have seen cafes kilogram volume grow by 10% simply by switching to La Marzocco machines. These guys have been leading the way since building their first hand made espresso machine in 1927, a tradition that continues to this day in Florence, Italy. Over the years they have lead and influenced the espresso market with their patented innovations. The big selling point is these multi-boiler machines are capable of producing consistent coffee at high volumes. You can use both steam wands during peak times and still have optimum pressure for good shots. Saturated group heads attached to the boiler ensures stable temperature at the group head regardless if its peak time 8am or quiet 3pm. For these reasons and their hand made durability, means La Marzoccos are highly demanded by career baristas and hold excellent resale value.

La Marzocco come in five models with a choice of automatic volumetric touchpads (AV), semi automatic (EE) or mechanical paddle (MP), and high or low cup space between the drip tray. On their flagship machine ‘Strada’ you can even modify bar pressure per group head.



In our experience these grinders are highly reliable, easy to use and simple to service. They are available in electronic dosing or manual dosing. The electronic will reduce coffee wastage on the bench, grinding on demand will mean freshest coffee possible and physically there is less RSI stress on the barista. However, you need to understand the dynamics of grind versus dose. As a poorly setup electronic grinder is a waste of money and coffee! The Robur model differs with conical blades that grind at slower speeds generating less heat, which adversely affects coffee.

So if you are opening a new cafe or restaurant, or are looking to change your wholesale coffee supplier, contact us for more details about our service today.

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