Kalita 1LT Pelican Pour Over Coffee Pot in Red

$ 70.00

Diameter: 105mm
Height: 77mm
Weight: 333g
Material: Ceramic (porcelain)

  • Ideal for 2-4 person
  • This product is made in Japan.

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Kalita may be a household name in Japan, but their desirable Pelican Enamel Pot is still difficult to find outside the country. The unique spout is modelled on a pelican’s beak – it’s an original feature that makes this smooth-pouring kettle extremely popular with baristas in Japanese cafes and kissaten.

This is a metal kettle which is coated with thick, durable, white enamel. As well as adding to the overall elegance of the pot, the enamel keeps the heated water free from unwanted odors and aftertastes. Naturally, the enamel is easy to clean and also allows the pot to be used on most types of stove. The Pelican Enamel Pot has special appeal for pour-over coffee purists who prefer a non-metal kettle!