Ethiopia Nigussie Gemeda Mude Filter Coffee

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Filter Coffee Notes:
Floral, peach, papaya, rock melon, blueberry.

Region: Sidama, Bensa, Keramo Village
Variety: Mixed Heirloom
Process: Natural
Altitude: 2,100 masl

Produced by farmer Negussie Gemeda Mude in Sidamo, this microlot coffee won the Cup of Excellence (COE) 2020 award for the first time in Ethiopia after receiving the highest score of 91.40 points from submitted a record-breaking 1,400+ bean samples. This top-scoring coffee has coffee buyers and the barista’s all over the world raving about it.

Responsible for its flavour attributes are farmer Negussie’s passion nurtured by the fertile red-loamy topsoil, rich in nutrients, climate and cultivation. The tiny beans are harvested from a 3-hectares farm at an exceptional elevation of 2100 MASL.

Negussie Gemeda Mude is a passionate and sustainable coffee farmer in the Sidama region, Bensa district in the Keramo/Hayisa village, which shares an eastern border with the Harenna Forest National Park.

Negussie is married with four sons and three daughters. He farms coffee on 3 hectares, with an additional 10 hectares for vegetables, wheat, teff, barley, and bamboo crops. Negussie produces 15,000 kilograms of red cherry annually, which he sun-dries naturally on an African raised bed. However, due to a lack of linkage to the international market, he used to sell his coffee locally to a private buyer and ECX.