El Salvador Finca San Antonio Filter Coffee

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Plum, cacao, choc, syrupy body.

Region: Ahuachapan, Concepcion de Ataco
Variety: Caturra
Process: Honey
Altitude: 1,450 masl


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This is an SHG EP grade coffee from the estate of the Borja Nathan family located in the Concepción de Ataco municipality of the Ahuachapán district of El Salvador. The farm is approx. 10 Ha. With harvests generally taking place from November to February, growing altitude at the estate is around 1450 masl and the variety planted is 100% Caturra. The coffee undergoes a honey process where the coffee is pulped but the mucilage (95%) is left on the bean in place to dry. The coffee is then sun dried on raised African beds for 15 days.

About El Salvador

El Salvador is more than a country where coffee happens to be grown – in many ways, it is a country created on coffee, as the crop is heavily woven into El Salvador’s history, culture, economy and ecology. The country’s climate is well suited for creating delicious coffees, with its six month long wet and dry seasons, various mountain ranges and volcanoes and extensive shade canopy’s. Coffee has had an undeservingly poor reputation for years, marred mostly by the inability to deliver coffee of a higher enough quality in an unstable political climate. Unfortunately, agriculture is the first to suffer during a revolution, since it requires years to rebuild a farm if it is neglected. In El Salvador the coffee trade, like the government in general, was controlled by a ruling elite; a handful of wealthy families that operated many farms. El Salvador had tended towards the right politically, and the smaller coffee farmer and coffee workers fared poorly in this climate. Coffee is grown in five geographical areas of the country, which differ from one another mainly in terms of altitude and flavour characteristics.

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