Brazil Pedro Gabarra Microlot Filter Coffee

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Ripe banana, fig, rooibos tea, jasmine, green pear, creamy body.

Farm: Santo Antonio
Producer: Pedro Gabarra
Region: Campos Das Vertentes, Minas Gerais
Variety: Yellow Icatu
Processing: Natural, 72h Anaerobic Fermentation
Altitude: 1,160 masl


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Pedro Gabarra is a 6th-generation Brazilian coffee farmer committed to protecting the natural habitats around his farms and educating the community on the importance of preservation. He’s passionate about embracing new processing, innovating methods and improving the quality of his crops every year.

Despite Pedro Gabarra’s family having more than 150 years of coffee farming behind them, his first taste of the coffee industry came further down the supply chain. He wasn’t raised on the farms. His relationship with coffee actually started in 2001 when he was at university and started to roast. After several years working as a roaster and graduating in 2004, Pedro’s father Joao Newton Teixeira encouraged him to join the family business. Pedro owns four farms – Pinhal, Santo Antonio, Vertentes, and Mirante – in the micro-region Campos das Vertentes on the border of Southern Minas Gerais. Altogether the farms cover 1286 hectares, but just 457 hectares are dedicated to coffee production.

Pedro describes Campos das Vertentes as a dense area, with a climate different to the rest of Minas Gerais. The farms are from 930 to 1160 metres above sea level. It’s a mountainous area where they grow coffee in flat spaces atop the mountains. In 2018, Pedro produced 13 varieties of coffee across the four farms. Pedro Gabarra runs five different social projects at his farms. One of these projects is Wings, which rescues and recovers injured and captured birds in the area.