Brazil Antônio Bustamante Filter Coffee

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Rum & raisin, peach, brown sugar & toffee sweetness.

Farm: Paraiso
Region: Jesuãnia, Minas Gerais
Variety: Yellow Bourbon, Catucai
Process: Pulped Natural
Altitude: 1,280 masl


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Antônio Fortes Bustamante is the owner of Paraiso farm and has been farming coffee since 1977. Despite two years of intense frost that decimated all of his crops in the early days of his farm, he persisted in growing coffee as well as bananas and tangerines. Paraiso has been in the Bustamante family for two generations, and has been focused on specialty-coffee production since 2008.

With the death of the family matriarch, the farm was split among the heirs. Around three years ago the owner, Cláudia, who was living in Sinop, in the state of Mato Grosso, returned to Minas Gerais, leaving her law practice to totally embrace the coffee fields, for which she had fallen in love. Focusing on quality, productivity, the well-being of the workers and preserving the environment, following the examples of her father, Antônio Fortes Bustamante, who had a tradition of production specialty coffees, having already reserved several awards from BSCA and first place in the Best Cup Carmo Coffees 2017. Located at the base of the Pedra Branca Mountains, the property is replete with pristine forests and springs of crystalline water. The locale also presents characteristics favourable to coffee cultivation, such as moderate climate, continuous wind and elevation.

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