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Brazil Serra Da Campanha Lot 7 Espresso Coffee

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Milk chocolate, turkish delight, passion fruit & weighty mouthfeel.

Producer: Guilherme de Castro
Region: Mantequeira de Minas
Variety: Catuai 144
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1,400 – 1,500 masl

This natural-processed coffee comes to us from the workers on Guillherme De Castro’s farm Serra da Campanha. The farm is located in the south of Minas Gerias state in SE Brazil. The farm is located in the micro-region of Serra da Mantiqueira. This region is recognised for coffees with complex acid characteristics. This is uncommon for Brazil which is mostly known for nutty, chocolatey coffees. This coffee is grown between 1,400 and 1,500 metres above sea level. Relative to African coffees this is not especially high. In this case the longitude of the growing area needs also to be considered. At very high altitudes a given plant takes longer to yield fruit. As one moves further from the equator temperatures drop. This means conditions at 1,500masl in Brazil are more similar to 2,000+masl coffees in Kenya.

The Serra da Campanha Farm is located on one of the highest points of the Serra da Mantiqueira. Guilherme Franco and his family are fourth generation farmers. Inspired by growing quality coffee at high altitude, Guilherme studied Agronomic Engineering with a master’s degree in Coffee Plant Nutrition. This foundation gave him the knowledge and curiosity to produce spectacular coffee at an altitude of 1,500masl. Embracing the farm’s unique terrain, he was able to develop a specific planting methodology for this altitude, in addition to post-harvest care to produce high quality coffee with a highly complex profile.

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