Panama Hartmann Estate Espresso Coffee

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Blackberry, melon, almond, brown sugar, full flavoured, balanced, smooth & round mouthfeel.

Region: Volcan, Chiriqui Province
Variety: Caturra & Typica
Process: Black Honey
Altitude: 1,260 – 1,500 masl


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Hartmann Estate is owned by the Hartmann family. Mr. Alois St. Hartmann (Luis Hartmann) was born in Czechoslovakia in 1891 which he abandoned as a young boy when the First World War began. He originally migrated to Pennsylvania, USA. At the age of 20 Mr. Hartmann travelled Panama and eventually decided to settled down in the province of Chiriqui, specifically in the Candela region where in 1912 he built a house and begin farming coffee!

Today, the third generation of the Hartmann family represented by Mr. Ratibor Hartmann continues to manage the estate along with 4 of his siblings. Each sibling is in charge of a specific operation on the farm. There is a warm family vibe at the farm and everything seems to work itself out. You can tell that this family have lived together all their lives.

Honey process is where ripe cherry is picked, sorted and pulped but rather than being fermented to remove mucilage, the mucilage covered parchment is left intact and sent to dry on raised beds. These raised beds allow greater airflow during drying to help eliminate the risk of ferment and spoiling. The result is a more juicy-bodied and sweeter coffee, with slightly lower up-front acidity.

Panama, a small strip of land that unites North and South America, is located 9 degrees north of the Equator.

Coffee from Panama was historically under-rated and overlooked, but not any longer. That perception has been corrected in recent years with the Best of Panama competition held each year, attracting global competition for the best lots and garnering spectacular prices. The Gesha/Geisha cultivar produced in some small coffee estates has also garnered heaps of attention for its unique floral cup character.

Chiriqui – meaning the Valley of the Moon is one of the most productive provinces in Panama because of its climate and fertile soil. Cattle activities, horse raising, flower growing, trout fishing, banana plantations, and the long-established production of vegetables and coffee take place in Chiriqui, the breadbasket of Panama.