Colombia Finca Cafelina Espresso Coffee

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Nectarine, black cherry & apple with a milk chocolate sweetness. Very creamy body.

Farm: Cafelina
Producer: Edgar Ernesto Erazo Valencia
Region: Bombona, Consaca, Narino
Variety: Castillo, Colombia
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1,915 masl


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Edgar Ernesto Erazo Valencia owns the 10-hectare coffee farm called Cafelina, which is planted completely with Castillo and Colombia varieties. Edgar has been involved in coffee production his entire life, and he inherited his farm from his father—it is the farm Edgar and his siblings worked on when they were young, helping their father and learning about coffee.

Edgar harvests the coffee when the cherries are purple and depulps them that same afternoon. The coffee is sorted through a zaranda after depulping to remove any impurities and then is fermented between 15–22 hours before being washed three times. Coffee at Cafelina is either pre-dried in the sun for 12 hours and moved to parabolic dryers for 10–12 days, or in mechanical dryers for 25–30 hours if there is a very large harvest.

Nariño lies in the far south of Colombia, bordering Ecuador in the high peaks of the Andes. Due to its proximity to the equator, coffee can be grown at very high altitudes in the department, and many farms are located on mountainsides of well over 2000 metres.

The Nariño coffee producing zone presents a combination of factors such as 1666 sunlight hours per year, 1866mm (74 inches) of rainfall per year with reliable rainfall patterns and soils with a high percentage of organic material, all of which make it possible to cultivate coffee at a high altitudes and cooler than average temperatures.

It would be practically impossible to grow coffee here if the heat that accumulates at the bottom of the canyons during the day did not rise, during the night, to attenuate the cold in the higher mountain regions. But the fact that it does makes for some pretty special coffee.