Colombia Alipio Zuniga Microlot Espresso Coffee

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Pineapple, orange, plum, brown sugar, buttery mouthfeel.

Farm: El Porvenir
Producer: Alipio Zuniga
Region: La Palma, Acevedo, Huila
Variety: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia
Process: Washed, 23hrs Fermentation, Dried On Raised Beds
Altitude: 1,650 – 1,800 masl


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The department of Huila is privileged by its location, climate and soil. It is where the main rivers of Colombia are born, in the area known as the Colombian Massif. It is embellished by fertile valleys and a snowy volcano. In this region, a coffee is produced with a very special flavour and aroma. The result of the organized work of hundreds of proud families is the delivery of an unforgettable coffee to the palate. For several consecutive years, Huila has established itself as the largest coffee producer in Colombia, not only by volume but also by quality. Acevedo is a municipality in the southeast corner of the Huila department. The coffee growing region reaches altitudes up to 1,800 meters above sea level, making this place well known for the quality of the coffee it produces.

Alipio Zuñiga has a wife with three children and has been producing coffee for the last 35 years. He worked hard to save enough money to buy the land, which is now the Estate ‘El Porvenir’. Since he started in the coffee industry, he is constantly in search of new alternatives that allows him to grow higher-quality coffee. Alipio has been able to provide his children a higher education and a life of substance for his family. Sustainable farming practices are routinely followed throughout the year; such as hand weeding of fields, reusing coffee wastage as natural fertiliser and conservative water usage. Alipio employs up to 10 hand pickers during the main harvest and 6 during the second harvest. The family helps the local community by giving employment priority to neighbours in need and also educating children in the conservation of natural resources, fauna and flora. Alipio is definitely a farmer committed not only to move forward their land but to collaborate with the region.