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Brazil Chapadao Lot 15058 Espresso Coffee

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Mandarin, brown sugar, honey, smooth & creamy with sweet almond finish.

Producer: Gabriel Nunes
Region: Cerrado Mineiro
Variety: Arara
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1,170 masl

For many years Osmar Pereira Nunes, the patriarch of the family, took care of the herd of cattle without imagining that the most valuable fruit of this region was still to be cultivated. In 1984, precisely on November 24, Osmar Junior, planted 10 hectares of Arabica coffee in the soil of Cerrado Mineiro. Although his story began with his father’s cattle, his passion for agriculture spoke louder, intensified by the influence of immigrants who came to invest in coffee in the lands of the state of Minas Gerais. For Junior, “coffee is no longer a commodity, but a spice, a product valued and appreciated worldwide”.

Fazenda Chapadao, part of Nunes Coffee, has now the dedication and the same passion for coffee from the third generation, Junior’s son, Gabriel, an agronomist graduated by the renowned University of Viçosa. Gabriel applies his knowledge to carry on and bring a trade vision to the family’s business.

The coffees harvested from the Nunes Coffee farms are rated as one of the best in the world. They are winners of national and international awards, and it is the recognition of daily work, dedication and the use of innovative processes and advanced technologies. Following the father’s leadership, Gabriel understands that the Nunes Coffee brand has much more to offer, and he believes that specialty coffees still have a lot of market to be attracted in Brazil and around the world. Nunes Coffee prepares for this future with hard work, family union and the certainty that it is on the road to success.

The Cerrado Mineiro Region, located in northwest of Minas Gerais State is a world-recognized, high-quality coffee producing origin and is the first “Protected Geographical Indication- PGI” in Brazil. A strong characteristic of this region is its well-defined seasons—a hot, wet summer followed by a pleasantly dry winter. The coffee plantations are cultivated in areas with altitudes varying between 800 and 1,300 meters and are known for consistently producing high-quality coffees with a unique identity. The coffees are “Origin and Quality Certified” by the Cerrado Mineiro Region – PGI – Regulatory Board.

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