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    Cone Width: 11.12mm Collar Width: 101.6mm Height: 69.85mm Weight: 160g Material: Dishwasher safe stainless steel
    • Ideal for 3-4 person
    • Made in Japan
    * This product does not come with filter paper. However, you can find it here.
  • You may have come across the term "Origami" before - ori means "folding", and g(k)ami means "paper" - which is the Japanese art of paper folding. This beautiful Origami Dripper is inspired by the spirit of the playful, creative, yet delicate craft loved for centuries. Beyond its beautiful design, the Origami dripper realises the best brew you could ever dream of. The 20 ribs creates air channels and keeps your brewing process smooth and clog-free, which gives you full control over the drip speed. The dripper is made of Mino porcelain - one of Japan's most prestigious potteries with more than 400 years of history. The holder is made from acacia wood, adding a touch of warmth to your Origami dripper.
    • Circumference of 150 mm and a height of 70 mm;
    • Bottom hole having a circumference of 25 mm
    • Carved out of porcelain/wood
    • Can withstand up to 120 degrees Centigrade of temperature
    • Weighs 160 grams
  • Compact and light weight, this new style handle Porlex Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder is the perfect hand grinder for travel or home use.
    • 47mm diameter, 130mm tall
    • Lifted curved handle is about 150mm long
    • Hopper Capacity about 22 grams of coffee beans
    • Grind rate is about 200 turns for 14 grams of beans through the espresso range
    • Full adjustment Turkish powder to French Press coarse
    • Very quiet static free operation with effortless turning force required to grind
    • Bottom catch cup allows direct dosing into portafilter, no additional funnels needed
    • Class leading Handle design (patent pending)
    • Ceramic conical burr
    • Made in Kagoshima, Japan.
    • English instructions included.
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    Hario is proud to introduce the improved version of the Hario V60 Drip Scale. It boasts a stainless steel weighing platform, with improved USB charging and battery capacity allowing the scale to be used for up to 80 hours. Dimensions: (W) 120 x (D) 175 x (H) 31mm Capacity: 2000g Measuring Units: oz , g Materials: Stainless Steel, BPA-Free Plastic, Rubber Some of the Scale features include:
    • Measures in 01 gram increments
    • Simultaneously measure extraction quantity and extraction time
    • USB charge. Run time ~80 hours
    • Backlit LCD Screen
    • Stainless steel top plate, easy to clean
    • Non-slip rubber feet in each corner
    What's in the box:
    • 1 x Hario v60 Metal drip scale
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    For the coffee enthusiast/connoisseur or a perfect gift this combo usually retails for over $162 separately. Save yourself over $22 with this combo package and buy now while stocks lasts! Includes:
    1. Aeropress Coffee Maker
    2. Porlex Coffee Mini Handgrinder
    3. Standart Coffee Magazine (of your choice)
    4. 150g Filter Coffee Beans (of your choice)
    Links to our current Filter Coffee range & Standart Magazines can be found below.
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    Built for true coffee enthusiasts and specialty coffee connoisseurs, the C40 is a robust high performance coffee hand grinder with an advanced burr set design. The mill's grinding gear is 100% stainless steel and was manufactured using a patented method. The result: an extremely durable material with knife steel quality. The selection of the burr material is the proud result of dedicated research and development. Clear design mixed with high performance. Grind Throughput
    • Average: >1 Bean per turn at < 3,0 Nm
    • Body: Stainless Steel (Bamboo)
    • Axle: Stainless Steel
    • Crank: Stainless Steel
    • Crank-Knob: Bamboo
    Wood Surface
    • Treatment: Natural-based Wax-Oil (suitable for children’s toys)
    • Engine-Frame: Eastman Tritan (BPA-free)
    • Axle Bearings: 2 x Stainless Steel Micro Ball Bearing with Rubber Seals
    • Jar: Glass
  • Brews directly into a thermos carafe, 1.25L (10 cup) stainless steel thermal carafe with brew-thru-lid. The carafe comes with two lids, a mixing lid and a travel lid. Leave the mixing lid in the carafe after brewing. It will keep the coffee hot and it will pour perfectly. The travel lid is used when you take the carafe with you. All plastics are BPA/ BPS free and each brewer contains removable parts for cleaning, long-term maintenance and replacement of parts.
    • Brew time 4-6 minutes
    • Brews at consistent 196°-205° with a pulse action that allows for the perfect coffee bloom during extraction process
    • Automatically shuts off after brew cycle is complete, or when water reservoir is empty
    • Manual adjust drip-stop brew-basket, with stainless steel thermal carafe
    *Filter papers available here.