Our coffee bar is an essential meeting point for coffee-lovers. This is where we control and develop our standards as coffee roasters and baristas. Our focus is on serving a better cup of coffee for your enjoyment.

We offer something to all palates and we respect that we all have individual preferences. We brew and serve with passion – whether it be espresso, pour-overs, cuppings, with milk, no-milk, cascara teas, take-away, pastries or donuts.

You can buy all the coffee straight from the roaster on our shelves as wholebean or ground just the way you like it together with some home brew equipment.

Black Coffee


Single shot of viscous liquid goodness.

Long Black

Double espresso on top of (not too hot) water.

Batch Brew

Brewing a rotating offering of coffees through our Technivorm Moccamasters means more consistently delicious brewed coffees available with very little wait time and competitively priced! Our batch brew is a popular option for filter drinkers, while also starting to convert long black drinkers, and slowly, more and more milky coffee drinkers.

Filter Brew

Delicately brewed coffee using either pour-over Kalita or Aeropress filter method manually handcrafted by the cup.

Iced Aeropress

Handcrafted filter coffee brewed on the Aeropress by the cup on ice.


Double espresso, ice, dash sugar syrup, hint of lemon juice – shaken vigorously!

Espresso Tonic

Double espresso on ice and tonic water.

White Coffee

3 oz

Single shot espresso with full cream milk in 90ml.

5 oz

Single shot espresso with full cream milk in 150ml.


Double shot espresso on top of vanilla ice cream.


Chocolate Croissant


Escargot (Pain Aux Raisins)

Mini Donuts – Apple, Caramel, Chocolate, and Red Fruits

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